Ukuphila Community Clean Up Project

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Ukuphila Community Clean Up Project


  • Please support the Ukuphila Community Clean Up project
  • These awesome ladies have started a great initiative to clean up IY – they need lots of tools and support
  • Jackhammers have donated the first R15000 worth of tools
  • For those that want to contribute, Jackhammers has created an account that funds can be paid into – we will supply the tools at cost and act as the storage point for the tools to keep them safe
  • If you have used tools at home that can make a difference you can drop them at Jackhammers and we will sure they are put to good use
  • This is huge let’s do what we can to help

Ukuphila Community Clean-Up Project Goal:

Our goal is to make sure that IY is neat and clean and that our people know how to keep this place clean. How does picking up litter help the community? Keeping it beautiful: Litter is an eyesore, plain and simple. Studies show that litter can negatively impact your sense of community and safety. When others pass you as you pick up litter, smile and say hello. It shows pride in the community and encourages others to do their part, too. Some of the benefits of keeping a clean environment: – Infections-free life. Unarguably, germs and other harmful microorganisms thrive in filth. – Increased self-confidence. Satisfaction with your environment automatically boosts your self-confidence. – Higher productivity. – Sense of propriety.

Learn more about Ukuphila Community Clean-Up Project here.

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