Powerfix Multi-Purpose Glazing Putty (White)


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Powerfix Multi-Purpose Glazing Putty (White)



Powafix Multi-Purpose Glazing Putty Is A Linseed Enriched Products= Used For Glazing Both Metal And Wooden Window Frames. Available In Both White And Teak.

Features And Benefits:

  • Effective At Sealing And Bonding Surfaces
  • Suitable For Use On Both Steel And Wood Surfaces
  • Linseed Oils Enriched With Increased Uv Resistance
  • Once Dry, Putty Can Be Painted Or Varnished
  • Usage & Storage Precautions:
  • Fold Over Or Seal Bag When Not In Use
  • Secure Product When Transporting To Prevent Accidental Spillage
  • Store In A Cool Place Out Of Reach Of Children
  • Dispose Of Empty Bag And Do Not Use For Any Other Purpose
  • Discard Product 18 Months After Batch Date
  • Do Not Dispose Into Common Waste System
  • *Use Product Directions Displayed On Respective Packaging

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